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Nine Times Blue at Smith’s Olde Bar: Atlanta Room (8:00 p.m.) Atlanta’s Nine Times Blue (NTB) will be showcasing their power pop music Saturday night as they call the intimate downstairs Atlanta Room their home away from home. The show is the official release party for their newest record, Falling Slowly, which is a collection of what they do best. The album showcases Kirk Waldrop’s singing and songwriting abilities while Greg King, Jeff Nelson and Jason Brewer supply the musical backdrop. The new record is driven by trade mark jangly guitars as NTB delivers old style power pop tunes similar to The Connells, Producers and Gin Blossoms while keeping it fresh and new. In today’s musical environment it is refreshing to their music. Live, the music jumps out of the speakers to assault the listener’s ears in a good way. Downstairs at Smith’s Olde Bar should be rocking.

Jack Rabid | Falling Slowly


nine times blue falling slowly (Renegade) I thought I’d enjoy this Atlanta quartet when I saw their name. Hardcore Monkees fans recognize “Nine Times Blue,” an outtake from The Music Box box (The country-folk tune was originally released on Michael Nesmith debut solo LP with his First National Band, 1970’s Magnetic South.) However NTB aren’t new Monkees—they’re modern, mature, rock/power-pop. With Kirk Waldrop’s vocals front and center, they’re in cahoots with the Matthew Sweet/Fountains of Wayne/Crowded House/Gin Blossoms/Jellyfish school of Beatlesesque guitar groups. On their best numbers such as the Badfinger-like “Crazy to Think” (their “Baby Blue?”) and Million Miles (not The Plimsouls), Waldrop and fellow guitarist Greg King are like a ‘10s Jason Falkner and Jon Brion (Grays), making poppy riffs serve developed melodies. Sing-along music can be drab, pre-fab, and as manufactured as hard plastic; or it can have singer/songwriter appeal. This is the latter. ( – Jack Rabid

Powerpopaholic | Falling Slowly

Nine Times Blue “Falling Slowly” The band is named after a Michael Nesmith song and is based in the Washington DC area. Lead by Kirk Waldrop (vocals and guitar) and joined by Greg King (guitar), Jeff Nelson (bass) and Jason Brewer (drums) opens with the title track, and I could sworn it was the Goo Goo Dolls or The Gin Blossoms. It’s rock with a high jangle content and familiarity. In addition, a cadre of power pop stars have minor roles (Joe Giddings, John Faye, David Myhr) on the LP. The strongest material is early on, the most impressive being “Crazy To Think” and the title track. The instrumentation is exceptional, as evidenced on “Grace” and “Silent Words.” Other than a few heartfelt melodies like “Fun and Games” and some guitar acrobatics on “So Much Time,” it just didn’t move me like the first three songs here. But, if you like contemporary rock with a emphasis on strong guitar playing, this is for you. The new album Falling Slowly is available now!

Nine Times Blue | Falling Slowly Album Release


Falling Slowly, Full Length Album from Nine Times Blue set to release on December 1, 2012 Renegade Recordings announces a November 20 release date for “Falling Slowly”, the debut full-length CD from Atlanta-area based power pop quartet Nine Times Blue, which will be distributed nationally by City Hall Records. Co-produced by Bryan Holmes of The Producers, Falling Slowly was mixed and mastered by two-time Grammy-winning producer Don McCollister, who’s worked with such top-selling artists as Sister Hazel, Indigo Girls, Third Day and Shawn Mullins. Nine Times Blue is comprised of Kirk Waldrop (vocals, guitar), Greg King (guitar), Jeff Nelson (bass) and Jason Brewer (drums), and the album features numerous guest appearances, including John Faye (IKE, The Caulfields), David Myhr (The Merrymakers) and Bryan Holmes.  

Ice Cream Man, Power Pop and More (Ding Ding!) | Falling Slowly

Friday, October 26, 2012 Nine Times Blue – Falling Slowly Nine Times Blue are an Atlanta based band, who unashamedly wear their power pop/rock influences on their sleeves, often compared to The Gin Blossoms, The Smithereens and Jimmy Eat World, this band delivers classic sounds evoking thoughts of the classic era of Power Pop, whilst also conveying a sound and style which is very much in the now.  Full of songs about love, heartache, loss and hope…Nine Times Blue continues the tradition forged by their influences by blending infectious hooks, layered harmonies, melodic guitars, McCartney-esque bass lines and a driving backbeat to make you tap your foot and sing along, whether it’s a song about new found love or a devastating break-up. “Falling Slowly” brings to mind the catchiest of Gin Blossoms songs interlaced with Coldplay and Snow Patrol’s lush guitars, and the lush background vocals on “Serena” remind one of the Beach Boys and Jellyfish. “Crazy To Think” is the best song that Nick Lowe never wrote. “Fun and Games” highlights the influence today’s Americana artists have had on Nine Times Blue’s primary songwriter – Kirk Waldrop. The nine track album that will be released on November 20th is certainly…

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