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RENEGADE NINE TIMES BLUE / Falling Slowly: Looks like it’s time to tell the boomers to buzz off with their hippie crap nostalgia because this set makes it sound like the 80s are in the air. With the opening riff bringing you back to the time just before MTV when power pop met AOR and the last crop of real rocker was getting their stuff together before hitting the arenas, the 80s are back and the kids that loved them are in control. With an actual dinosaur producing, you have to realize the kids are alright. Oops, wrong decade. Well, you get the idea. 112012 View the original article here:

FAME | Mark S. Tucker | Falling Slowly

Falling Slowly Nine Times Blue Renegade Recordings – 112012 Available from CD Universe. A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mark S. Tucker (  Kirk Waldrop’s the frontman for Nine Times Blue and composes from an impressive stable of influences: Squeeze, The Smithereens, Gin Blossoms, XTC, Robin Hitchcock, and a slew of others, but I also hear Nuclear Valdez, Interview, Sniff ‘N the Tears, Pezband, and, hell, even a bit of Chad & Jeremy in cuts like Grace. The title cut’s a guaranteed chart climber—just which chart, I couldn’t say, as there are a million of ’em nowadays, but slip it into Rock, Pop, or Alt lists and it’ll find itself ascending nicely. The pop aspect to Falling Slowly is the most evident element here, though, sometimes of the power ilk, other times more Jools Hollandy, later reminiscent of later Hollies. Likewise, Fun and Games has a classic pop sound a la Greg Kihn on the balladic side fused with Difford & Tilbrook (interestingly, one can even find Glenn Yarborough antecedents). So Much Time bookends the opening cut with a melodic rocker nicely wrought of repeating chords and attractive hooks…or rather, it seems to close the disc out, but there’s a secret bonus in the way of a…

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Charletson Post and Courier | Falling Slowly

With the many power pop bands currently out doing their respective things in the music world, one might think that the musical style would be easy to master. Nope. For every Cheap Trick, Big Star and The Smithereens, there are two dozen other bands that try but never quite achieve the true power pop sound. Nine Times Blue is one band that gets it right. The infectious pop hooks and catchy lyrics on “ Falling Slowly ” show that these guys have done their homework, and that they are the real thing. The leadoff title track is reminiscent of The Gin Blossoms with its bouncy rhythm. “I Can’t See You” finds lead singer Kirk Waldrop channeling The Smithereens’ Pat DiNizio, while the lovely “Serena” sounds like what might happen if Crosby, Stills & Nash teamed up with DiNizio and his boys for a song. “Fun and Games” just might be the best Elvis Costello song he never wrote. While the influences on the album are obvious, the music is undeniably original, and there are only a couple of tunes that don’t totally pass muster. Here’s hoping that Nine Times Blue gets the widespread recognition they obviously deserve. Key Tracks: “Falling…

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